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  • Anna Kinberg Batra, Jens Holm and Magdalena Bosson

    Stockholm Norvik Port as a hub and powerbank for sustainable transport of the future

    How can Sweden’s most modern freight port be a strategic hub and partner for more sustainable transport of goods? This question was discussed when the County Administrative Board of Stockholm and Ports of Stockholm brought together industrial, municipal and regulatory agency representatives for a roundtable discussion at Stockholm Norvik Port.


  • Royals cutting the ribbon at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Official inauguration of Stockholm Norvik Port by HM The King and HRH The Crown Princess

    Sweden's newest major freight port, Stockholm Norvik, opened for business in 2020. Now it is officially inaugurated by His Majesty The King and Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess.


  • Aerial view of the fairway into Stockholm

    The cruise season starts at Ports of Stockholm

    This weekend sees the start of the international cruise ship season at Ports of Stockholm with the arrival of the cruise ship Bolette at Port of Nynäshamn. In total 126 cruise ships are booked for 2023, which is more than at any other Swedish port.


  • Housing modules on vessel

    More housing modules take the smart sea-route direct to Stockholm

    COSCO´s Tian Zhen vessel is bringing another oversize project load directly to Frihamnen Port in Stockholm. The load consists of housing modules for use in building projects in the Stockholm region. Transporting goods by sea directly to the final destination has major sustainability, efficiency and cost benefits.


  • Värtahamnen port

    New exciting passenger concept at Ports of Stockholm´s Värtahamnen Port

    Gotlandsbolaget and Destination Gotland will begin to operate services on the Stockholm – Mariehamn – Visby route from Ports of Stockholm's terminal at Värtahamnen Port with the vessel M/S Birka. The traffic start is planned to spring 2024.


  • Illustration nytt kontor

    GANT moves its global head office to Frihamnen port in Stockholm

    Ports of Stockholm has signed a tenancy agreement with fashion brand GANT for premises of 4,700 square meters in the historic Magasin 3 warehouse building, thereby welcoming yet another creative tenant to Frihamnen. Frihamnen port is developing and growing hand-in-hand with the city, with more and more tenants are gravitating to this exciting port regeneration area.


  • Torghatten's electrical autonomous ferry

    Ports of Stockholm explores safety aspects of autonomous shipping in innovative research project

    Ports of Stockholm, in collaboration with several partners, has been awarded research funding from the Swedish Transport Agency for research into autonomous shipping in an urban city environment. The aim of the research project is to explore and develop the safety aspects and create new preconditions for maritime sustainability and mobility services, in addition to strengthening Stockholm's position from an international perspective.


  • Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port

    Stockholm Norvik Port potential CCS hub in Sweden

    Ports of Stockholm will begin a Feasibility Study to establish a node for captured carbon dioxide at Stockholm Norvik Port, together with leading CCS emitters and actors. The goal is to increase the possibilities for emission reduction and negative emissions by establishing a regional, sustainable and cost-efficient carbon dioxide infrastructure in eastern Sweden. A solution for transport and handling between facilities that are source of the emissions to the end capture site would be a major contribution to Sweden achieving its environmental goals.


  • Prototype of the new autonomously operated ferry

    New Ports of Stockholm customer plans autonomously operated ferry in the Stockholm city centre

    A new Ports of Stockholm customer, shipping company Torghatten, will this spring introduce an electrically powered autonomously operated ferry service across Riddarfjärden in the Stockholm city centre. The initiative is a sustainable and innovative addition for the general public and is fully aligned with Stockholm’s quays strategy.


  • Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port in sunset light

    Ports of Stockholm shows increasing passenger numbers and high goods volumes, despite declining economy

    Ports of Stockholm is one of the world’s largest passenger ports and one of Sweden’s largest freight ports. Despite a declining economy, goods volumes have remained high and the number of passengers increased significantly compared to the previous year. This shows Ports of Stockholm to be a central node for sustainable goods and passenger transport and that Stockholm remains a very attractive destination.