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About Stockholm Norvik Port

Map showing Stockholm Norvik Port´s position in the Baltic Sea

Stockholm Norvik Port is a brand new RoRo and container terminal in prime location. Stockholm Norvik is the Baltic Sea's new deep sea port – with direct access to one of the fastest growing regions in Europe.

See larger map (pdf)

50 percent of the Swedish consumption takes place in the Stockholm region

  • The nearest container terminal to Sweden’s largest market.
  • Closest to the fairway than any other ports on the east coast.
  • Baltic Sea´s new modern deep sea port built to handle direct calls by main liners.
  • Short steaming time to all important ports in the Baltic Sea.
  • Strong intermodal connections to the rest of Sweden.

Stockholm Norvik Port

  • 44 hectare
  • 975 metre quay length
  • 16.5 metre depth alongside
  • Rail connection

Saves miles

Efficient import and export of goods from anywhere in Sweden.

Saves time

Within five minutes reach of national highways, avoiding Stockholm traffic.

Reduces emissions

A green alternative to transporting cargo to and from the Stockholm area.

Sustainable operations

A brand new port - modern technology and equipment designed for reliability and low carbon footprint.

Border Controls

Before foodstuffs from countries outside of the EU can be imported into the country these are subject to border controls. These checks are carried out by the Swedish National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket), which has five border control checkpoints associated with ports and airports. One of these is located at Stockholm Norvik Port.

It is primarily animal products that are checked, but controls of certain vegetable products are also performed. The importers of these products must submit advance notification of these shipments so that the appropriate controls can be carried out. These checks are performed in designated areas of premises that fulfil certain requirements.