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Energy port

The energy port is located just north of the Värtahamnen Port. It is used by Stockholm Exergi and Betongindustri.

Quay facts

503: Length 100 m, charted depth 11.5 m.
Three marine swingarms 10" for gasoline, fuel oils, pitch oils and heavy oils. Couplings for base oils are available. Some bunker unloading can take place. Fresh water can be supplied. Container for household waste is available. Vehicle traffic prohibited.

501: Length 160 m, charted depth 7.5 m.

500: Length 100 m.
Heat pump fixed location.

North of 500: Length 70 m, charted depth 3.0 m.
Commuter boat stop.

NB: Charted depth is indicated by reference level RH2000/Baltic Sea Chart Datum 2000.
See also §8 in the Port Regulations.