Visiting by yacht

Are you planning a visit to Stockholm by yacht? Ports of Stockholm manages and maintains Stockholm’s quays and you are welcome to visit at any time of the year.

In addition we will help you with the boat services you need during your visit. We can also assist you if you have specific safety/security requirements during your visit. Contact the Port and Traffic Control (BTC), see below.

Where can you berth?

Below you'll find four factsheets with descriptions of the sites where you can berth. In these factsheets you will also find information about the surrounding areas, GPS coordinates, heights and lengths of the quays and the types of services available at each site.

Fact sheet about Nybrokajen (pdf)
Fact sheet about Skeppsbron (pdf)
Fact sheet about Stadsgården (pdf)
Fact sheet about Strandvägen (pdf)


See Ports of Stockholm´s pricelist

How to book a yacht berth

  1. Fill out the form Notification Yacht Call (word)
  2. Send the form to at least two weeks prior to arrival.