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  • A large onshore power facility on the quay

    Sweden's first OPS for cruise ships soon a reality in Ports of Stockholm

    Sweden's first and one of Europe's first onshore power supply for cruise ships has passed an important milestone through test calls with ships in central Stockholm. Over 35 cruise ships are expected to connect by October this year.


  • Close-up of a yellow bollard

    Ports of Stockholm and BPO seek funds to develop cooperation with Ukrainian ports

    Ports are critical infrastructure in the transportation sector. As gateways for both import and export of goods and raw materials, ports play a crucial role in international trade. In collaboration with partners, Ports of Stockholm is seeking funds through the Swedish Institute's Ukraine Cooperation Program. This is to lay a foundation for the integration of Ukrainian ports into the EU transport network.


  • Ports of Stockholm´s CEO Magdalena Bosson welcomes the participants

    Cruise Europe holds successful conference in Stockholm

    On 14–16 May, the Cruise Europe network held its annual general meeting and annual conference in Stockholm. Over a couple of beautiful summer days, visitors were able to experience Stockholm as a popular cruise destination and a sustainable, premium destination. Ports of Stockholm hosted the event together with Stockholm Business Region.


  • Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port

    Stockholm Norvik Port - Logistics node for captured carbon in East Sweden

    By establishing a logistics node for captured carbon dioxide at Stockholm Norvik Port it is possible to create an efficient and sustainable transport chain for carbon dioxide from several potential emitters in East Sweden. This is revealed in the final report of the feasibility study of the NICE project – Norvik Infrastructure CCS East Sweden.


  • Aidamar i central Stockholm during night

    The cruise season begins at Ports of Stockholm

    Stockholm is a popular cruise destination, and the season, with a total of 121 cruise ship calls, is now getting underway. Stockholm is positioning itself as a sustainable, premium destination and this year welcomes several brand-new ships with modern technology such as onshore power connection facilities. Ports of Stockholm is also investing in facilities for cruise ships, and is building one of Europe’s first onshore power supply for cruise ships.


  • Birka Gotland getting a water salute

    Ports of Stockholm welcomes revitalised cruise ship Birka Gotland

    Ports of Stockholm welcomes a new customer – Gotland Alandia Cruises – a collaboration between Gotlandsbolaget and Viking Line. The company has started a new route using the popular and newly refurbished ship, Birka Gotland, departing from Ports of Stockholm’s quay in the city centre.


  • Map of the TEN-T network and an aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port

    Stockholm Norvik Port gains status in EU network

    Stockholm Norvik Port has recently been designated comprehensive status following the proposal of an agreement on the EU regulations for development of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). Being part of the EU transport network and gaining comprehensive status makes it, among other things, possible to apply for EU funding. This gives Stockholm Norvik Port greater potential to continue to develop as a node for sustainable transport and to become a leading energy hub.


  • Finncanopus

    Maiden call of the new M/S Finncanopus at Ports of Stockholm

    Finnlines second new vessel, M/S Finncanopus, has now arrived at Ports of Stockholm. Following the successful introduction of the M/S Finnsirius in September 2023, the shipping company is continuing to renew and improve its fleet on the Kapellskär – Långnäs – Naantali route.


  • Magdalena Bosson and Caroline Strand making a heart with their hands

    Love is reciprocated by Finland <3

    Stockholm received birch sauna whisks from Finland on Valentine's Day. This was a loving response to bunches of roses that Stockholm sent to Finland last year. These tokens are a further step in the exciting journey to renew and revive relations between two dear neighbours on opposite sides of the Baltic Sea.


  • Representantives of the partnership with the signed document

    Green shipping corridor partnership agreement signed between Ports of Stockholm, Port of Turku and Viking Line

    Ports of Stockholm, Port of Turku and Viking Line have formally entered into partnership to create a green shipping corridor between Turku and Stockholm, which will be fossil fuel-free by 2035 at the latest. The result will be a framework with scalable solutions for the transition to fossil-free fuels and shipping with low climate impact.


  • Interior picture of the Värta Terminal

    Fewer ships at Ports of Stockholm, but more passengers aboard

    Ports of Stockholm is one of the world’s largest passenger ports and one of Sweden’s largest freight ports. Fewer ships called at Ports of Stockholm’s ports in 2023, but the level of occupancy aboard was greater.


  • Two different onshore power connection facilities

    Government gives green light for three Ports of Stockholm EU grant applications

    Ports of Stockholm, in collaboration with many other ports and stakeholders, has been given the green light to apply for EU funding for three sustainability initiatives. The major focus of the projects is the development of the electricity infrastructure. This will support the transition to greener shipping by lowering quayside air particle emissions.