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Regulations for permitted photos for authorization cards

For a photograph to be able to be used on an authorization card it is important to observe the following points:

  • The contrast between the person and the background must be distinct.
  • The background must be light or uniformly white.
  • The head must be in the centre of the photograph and the upper part of the torso must be visible.
  • Transparent glasses are permitted if the person normally wears glasses.
  • Headwear is not permitted.
  • No type of disguising of the face is permitted.
  • The photograph must be a good likeness of the person's appearance.
  • The photograph must be a colour image.
  • The photograph must not be a photograph of a photograph.
  • Approved file formats: bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, ico, png and tiff.

Name the photo your first and last namne and send it to

Permitted photo

Example of permitted photo

Photos that are not permitted

Example of non-permitted photo

Fault: Head wear

Example of non-permitted photo

Fault: Blurred image, non-uniform background

Example of non-permitted photo

Fault: Poor lighting