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Reception facilities for ship waste

Ports of Stockholm handles many different types of ships at both public and industrial quays. Ports have an obligation to receive liquid and solid waste from ships. Here you can find information about the reception facilities for waste in the Port of Stockholm.

The fixed reception stations are available 24 hours a day for customers. Questions and error reports are taken care of by the Port and Traffic Control.

Merchant ships must notify in advance which waste they want to leave. Fees for regular waste delivery can be found in the price list and some other information can be found in Ports of Stockholm's Port Regulations and Ordinance. The form and links can be found here

Ship waste that is normally handled in Port of Stockholm

Type of ship waste

Type of receiving device

Oily bilge water, sludge/oily engine room waste, contaminated ballast water, oily flush water from tank cleaning etc. Suction truck
Harmful liquid substances, NLS Tank/suction truck
Toilet waste Fixed facility
Solid waste:  
- Plastic Container
- Food waste Waste receptacle
- Household-like waste Container
- Cooking oil Tank, can
- Ash from combustion Container, steel barrel
- Operational waste Container
Electronic waste Can
Scrubber waste Suction truck
Passively fished up waste Container


Map of reception facilities for toilet waste (pdf)

Map of reception facilities for solid waste (pdf)