About us

Ports of Stockholm offers quay-berths, facilities and services for ferry, cruise and goods traffic. Ports of Stockholm is also responsible for the development and maintenance of inner-city quays, as well as services for archipelago and other waterborne local traffic.

Each year 12 million passengers and 10 million metric tons of goods pass though Ports of Stockholm efficiently and cost-effectively.

Business Policy

Openness, trust and development characterise Ports of Stockholm. This means that:

  • We meet the demands of the future by being responsiveness to and communicating openly with customers, stakeholders and all Group employees.
  • We put the customer first and create trust by being an active, professional and reliable partner.
  • Continual improvement characterises everything we do. We work for the long-term, sustainable development of transport and logistics systems that involve shipping and port operations. Our responsibility to the community characterises and permeates our operations.