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Processing of personal data - GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018. It imposes more stringent requirements for how companies are allowed to process personal data.

Newsletters, press releases and invitations

The personal data (name, address and e-mail) that is stored in connection with subscriptions to Ports of Stockholm's newsletters, issues of press releases and invitations to events is saved only for the period that you choose to be a recipient. When you cancel these services (opt-out) your personal data is deleted.

Ports of Stockholm stores your personal data in accordance with the legal requirements for public interest.

Access and authorisations for port facilities and properties

Personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail, personal ID number etc.) that you submit in connection with applications for access and authorisations for port facilities and properties are saved for the period you have access and authorisation.

Certain information may be retained, as the processing of personal data is founded on legal obligations.

Forms, permits, e-mails received etc.

Personal data (name, e-mail, telephone number etc.) that you submit in connection with other matters, such as permit processing, e-mails received and business matters are saved for the duration necessary for administration.

The legal requirements for this type of information may be contractual agreements, public interest and provision of consent.

Freedom of information

Ports of Stockholm is a municipal company, which means that received information is processed according to freedom of information principles.

Right to request access to information

If Ports of Stockholm has information about you on record you have the right to:

  • view the information about you.
  • have erroneous information corrected.
  • request that your information is restricted.
  • have information deleted.


Stockholms Hamn AB and Kapellskärs Hamn AB are personal data controllers for the processing of personal data.

Data Protection Officer, Tel. +46(0)768-50 42 98 or