For commercial shipping

If you need a berth, apply to the Port and Traffic Control (BTC) as early as possible, but no later than 24 hours before the vessel is due to arrive. Application should be made on a special form which can be ordered from BTC, see below.

For leisure craft

If space is available, Port of Stockholm can provide some berth for leisure crafts. Crafts that are at least 12 metres long and at least 4 metres wide are designated as leisure vessels. If you want to rent a berth, apply in writing to:

Stockholms Hamn AB, Box 27314, 102 54 Stockholm, Sweden

Vessels shall, among other things, meet the following requirements:

  • Be listed on the Swedish Register of Shipping.
  • Have undergone regular maintenance in dry dock. All work should be documented.
  • Be in a good seaworthy condition.
  • Have adequate insurance.
  • Not be used a place of residence by the owner or any other person.
  • Not be used for commercial activities.

The application shall include documentation which shows that the requirements listed above are met. Leisure vessels should be owned by private individuals or non-profit-making societies.