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Ports of Stockholm increases solar electricity production by 55 percent

Solar cells at Stockholm Norvik Port

Ports of Stockholm is building six new rooftop solar cell systems that will increase the company's own solar electricity production by 55 percent. This is fully aligned with the company’s and the City of Stockholm’s goals and strategies.

Ports of Stockholm has taken an investment decision in June to increase the company's own production of solar electricity. This decision means expanding the number of solar cell system installations to increase internal solar electricity production by 55 percent.

“Ports of Stockholm's investment in solar electricity is fully aligned with our environmental goals. This decision means that in future almost one-tenth of the electricity we use will be generated by our own solar cell systems,” explains Jens Holm, Chair of the Board of Ports of Stockholm.

Ports of Stockholm has worked for many years according to the City of Stockholm's strategy to achieve a fossil fuel-free Stockholm by 2040. Within the sustainable energy area, Ports of Stockholm has increased its own production of renewable energy and has chosen to invest in solar cell systems.

Ports of Stockholm currently has five solar cell system installations that have a total production capacity of 995 MWh/year. Now the number of solar cell systems will increase to eleven, with a total production capacity of 1,545 MWh/year. The new installations are planned for rooftops at Frihamnen port, Värtahamnen port and Port of Kapellskär. Construction work is estimated to begin during Q1/Q2 in 2024 and the systems will be operational by the summer of 2024.

Producing the company's own energy using solar cells means that Ports of Stockholm is less dependent on external electricity suppliers and can also reduce the electricity costs of its own business operations. The systems will also contribute to the company's environmental goals of more efficient energy use by reducing electricity grid transmission losses, as the electricity will be produced very close to where it will be used.

Ports of Stockholm works actively, long-term and strategically for sustainable port operations and shipping. Environmental initiatives are an integrated part of daily business operations. The company previously set a goal to increase the proportion of solar electricity by 50 percent by 2026. According to the time plan for the new solar cell installations, this goal will be achieved already in 2024.

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