Frihamnen port

Aerial view of Frihamnen port

From Frihamnen there are ferries to Saint Petersburg. During summer it is a busy cruise port.

Map of Frihamnen and Värtahamnen

Approximately half of the cruise liners visiting Stockholm each year call at Frihamnen. There is a large, modern cruise passenger terminal at the port which enables Stockholm to accommodate several turnarounds.

Quay facts

Quay 1

610-611: Length 130 meter, charted depth 6.0 meter.

Quay 2

620-625: Length 412 meter, charted depth 7.5-8.4 meter.
Permanent ro-ro ramp in angle between quays 1 and 2. Passenger terminal in warehouse 2. Permanent ro-ro berth at berth 625.

Quay 3

630-631: Length 135 meter, charted depth 8.5-9.0 meter.
Permanent ro-ro berth in angle between quays 4 and 3.

631-634: Length 211 meter, charted depth 9.0-10.6 meter.
At berths 631-632 there are three grain silos with a loading facility.
See detailed map of Frihamnen 634 (pdf).

634-638: Length 400 meter, charted depth 10.0 meter.
See detailed map of Frihamnen 638 (pdf)

Quay 4

640-641: Length 110 meter, charted depth 7.5 meter.

Quay 5

650-652: Permanent ro-ro berth in angle between quays 4 and 5.
Length 222 meter, charted depth 9.0 meter.
See detailed map of Frihamnen 650 (pdf)

NB: Charted depth at mean water level. See also §8 in the Port Regulations.