• Map of Port of Stockholm´s ports

    Eco-bonus for sustainable transport to and from the Stockholm region via Ports of Stockholm

    The Swedish government is rewarding innovative and sustainable shipping projects of shipping companies with an eco-bonus environmental incentive. Three of the four projects selected to receive an eco-bonus operate services to and from Ports of Stockholm.


  • Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port

    Safe and smart logistics at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Smart solutions from the start are one advantage of building an entirely new port. The infrastructure in the areas in and around Stockholm Norvik Port are optimised for safe and efficient transport.


  • Aerial photo of Stockholm Norvik Port

    Ports of Stockholm’s sustainable transport node initiative

    Ports of Stockholm, together with the ports in Belfast, Lübeck and Gent and additional alliance partners, has applied for EU grant funding to invest in the role of ports as a node and driving force in sustainable transport provision.


  • Aerial photo of the central part of Stockholm

    Stockholm – one of the world’s most attractive cruise cities

    Stockholm has consolidated its position as one of the world’s most attractive cruise cities. Despite the pandemic, the city had 28 cruise ship calls last year, the most to any port in the Baltic Sea.


  • Train and container vessel at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Increased exports at Stockholm Norvik Port

    The export of forestry products continues to rise at Stockholm Norvik Port container terminal. Ports of Stockholm’s new major port has the best possible location in the Baltic Sea, as well as the capacity to satisfy the needs of the Swedish export industry for efficient freight transport.


  • A truck rolls of a ferry at a snowy Port of Kapellskär

    Freight is up nine percent at Port of Kapellskär

    There is an upward trend in freighted goods at Port of Kapellskär, Ports of Stockholm’s largest freight port. Despite the worldwide pandemic, freight volumes in 2020 increased nine percent compared to the previous year.


  • The solar cells at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Ports of Stockholm continues commitment to solar cell systems

    Ports of Stockholm’s commitment to renewable energy continues with the installation of a rooftop solar cell facility at Stockholm Norvik Port that will be one the biggest of its kind in Sweden. The solar cell system went live on the darkest day of the year.


  • Stockholm Norvik Port in beautiful backlight

    The entire Stockholm Norvik Port is now open

    Despite the ongoing pandemic, Sweden’s newest major port has opened on time and on budget. Watch the film of the impressive construction!


  • Onshore power supply facility

    Cruise ships in Stockholm will soon connect to onshore power

    Ports of Stockholm has been awarded funding from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the EU for investing in onshore power supply. This is an environmental initiative that will significantly reduce carbon dioxide and air pollutant emissions from cruise ships in Stockholm and throughout the Baltic Sea.


  • Stena Line's vessel with Stockholm Norvik Port in the foreground

    Why Stena Line chooses Stockholm Norvik

    The shipping company Stena Line was the first to call at a Stockholm Norvik Port RoRo-berth. The new terminal offers substantially greater capacity and growth opportunities.