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  • The vessel Eliana Marino at quay in Port of Nynäshamn

    Hansa Destinations doubles its capacity on the Nynäshamn-Rostock route

    At the end of April, the shipping company Rederi AB Gotland added another vessel on the Hansa Destinations Nynäshamn–Rostock route. This has doubled the freight capacity and added more departures in both directions. This means that increased goods volumes can be moved from land to sea transport.


  • Two dock workers in front of Viking Glory

    Maritime link Turku-Mariehamn-Stockholm now more climate smart

    Growing cargo and passenger volumes, Viking Line's new vessel M/S Viking Glory, and a need to develop more sustainable maritime transports. These are the reasons why an upgraded maritime connection between Turku, Mariehamn, and Stockholm is now completed. The ports of Turku, Mariehamn, and Stockholm have improved their infrastructure within the EU project NextGen Link.


  • Container containing  onshore power supply is lifted off ground

    Onshore power milestone reached at Port of Kapellskär

    A milestone has been reached at Port of Kapellskär for connection of Finnlines services to onshore power. In 2023, Finnlines will introduce two brand new Superstar-class vessels on the Kapellskär-Långnäs-Naantali route. These vessels will connect to onshore power at the quay and will also use automooring, resulting in reduced emissions when vessels are in port.


  • Cruise ship in the foreground and Stockholm Old Town in the background

    Ports of Stockholm welcomes the first of 230 cruise ships

    The first cruise ship of the season will arrive in Stockholm on 10th April. Despite the troubling international situation the season has a lot of bookings, with many cruise ships booking extended stays. Stockholm is an extremely popular cruise destination and an obvious choice for shipping companies and travel organisers.


  • Viking Grace anländer till Stockholm med vattensaluteskort

    Climate-smart Viking Glory arrives in Stockholm

    Viking Line’s newly built flagship, Viking Glory, arrived in Stockholm for the first time on Friday 25th February. She was welcomed with a celebratory water salute and signalling on her voyage in to the quay at Stadsgården.


  • Three dockworkers in a snowy Port of Kapellskär

    Ports of Stockholm reports high passenger numbers and increased freight volumes in 2021, despite the pandemic

    Ports of Stockholm is one of the world’s largest passenger ports and one of Sweden’s largest freight ports. During 2021, passenger and freight volumes were still high in the middle of the pandemic. This demonstrates that Ports of Stockholm is a central node for sustainable goods transport and also that Stockholm has a strong power of attraction as a destination.


  • Ceremony at Stockholm Norvik Port

    New route inaugurated between Stockholm Norvik and Hanko in Finland

    Shipping company Stena Line continues to invest in Stockholm Norvik Port and the Baltic Sea. On 1st February the shipping company began to run services on a completely new route with the vessel Urd, which will operate between Stockholm Norvik Port and the Port of Hanko in Finland.


  • Two dock workers beside a vessel at Port of Kapellskär

    Exponential rise in transhipment cargo at Port of Kapellskär

    Business is booming at Ports of Stockholm’s northernmost port, Port of Kapellskär. Transhipment cargo handling operations have increased exponentially over the first eleven months of the year. The high demand and good prerequisites at Port of Kapellskär consolidate the port’s position as one of Sweden’s most important freight ports.


  • Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port with a Stena Line ferry leaving port

    Stena Line expands and launches new route between Stockholm Norvik and Hanko

    Shipping company Stena Line continues to invest in Stockholm Norvik Port and the Baltic Sea. In February a brand new route will be introduced between Stockholm Norvik Port and Hanko in Finland. Ports of Stockholm’s new major port has been built to provide good preconditions for shipping companies to grow and develop.


  • Aerial view of the central part of Stockholm

    New report highlights regional economic importance of Ports of Stockholm

    A new report compiled by WSP Advisory shows how important shipping is for Stockholm’s regional growth. Ports of Stockholm’s business operations create 24,000 job opportunities, generating EUR 2.95 billion in GRP and EUR 290 million in municipal tax revenue.