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Important milestone reached in Ports of Stockholm’s hydrogen gas initiative

Project members taking a look at the RoRo-tractor

Representatives from CMB.TECH, Volvo Penta, N. C. Nielsen and Ports of Stockholm met in mid-January for a hydrogen gas workshop at Stockholm Norvik Port. Creative knowledge exchange has made it possible to now take the next step and begin the actual technology development.

During 2022 a decision was taken to invest in hydrogen gas at Stockholm Norvik that as an initial step would focus on converting work vehicles at the port to run on hydrogen. There is currently no common standard for this type of technology, which instead relies on all stakeholders to work together to determine the smartest and best solutions. This can be a matter of where the hydrogen gas tanks should be located, how large they can be, how refuelling should be done and how the inherent risks with this type of fuel should be mitigated.

On 17th January, CMB.TECH, Volvo Penta, N. C. Nielsen and Ports of Stockholm came together for a workshop. These are the key stakeholders in the collaboration project to develop a dual-fuel solution for hydrogen gas operations at Stockholm Norvik Port. The first step is to convert a conventional RoRo-tractor to run on hydrogen. It is anticipated that this will be in operation by the autumn of 2023.

“It has been an extremely rewarding day here at Stockholm Norvik, where we have broken new ground together. All of the stakeholders have contributed their specialist knowledge to arrive at the best possible solution in terms of design of the technology and operative management. Now we have the possibility to go further and begin the rebuild of the Ports of Stockholm RoRo-tractor to achieve our ambitious environmental goal,” explains Charlotta Solerud, Environmental Strategist at Ports of Stockholm.

Now the actual technology development of the RoRo-tractor will begin. A milestone has therefore been reached in this important project that is part of achieving the goal of zero carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel for Ports of Stockholm’s truck operations by 2025, in addition to operations being entirely fossil fuel-free by 2030.

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