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The economic importance of the cruise traffic in Stockholm

An independent survey shows that the cruise traffic generates EUR 176 million and 1,100 jobs in the Stockholm region.

During 2018 the external company GP Wild carried out a survey that demonstrates the total economic effects of the cruise industry in the Stockholm region. The survey was also carried out in around 20 other port cities.

In 2018 Stockholm was visited by 623,000 cruise passengers and 240,000 crew members. Collectively they spent EUR 57 million on hotel rooms, food, sight seeing excursions, shopping etc. In addition, the cruise shipping companies spent a total amount of EUR 25 million on harbour dues, pilotage dues and fairway dues in Stockholm.

The total amount of EUR 82 million spent by passengers, crew members, and the cruise shipping companies is of great significance for employment and revenue, resulting in an economic effect of EUR 176 million and 1,100 jobs.

Most of the cruise passengers come from Germany, the USA and the United Kingdom. The typical visitor to Stockholm is 57-years old and travels with one travelling companion. Three out of every four passengers visiting Stockholm said they were extremely or very satisfied with their visit in comparison to their expectations. Almost all were prepared to recommend Stockholm to their friends as a cruise destination.


  • Day passengers spent an average of EUR 72 per person.
  • Turnaround passengers* spent an average of EUR 256 per person.
  • Crew members going ashore spent an average of EUR 48 per person.

*Turnaround passengers are passengers who either begin or end their cruise in Stockholm. They often travel to Stockholm by air or by railway and stay overnight or a couple of nights in hotels in conjunction with their cruise voyage.

The full report

Read more about the survey in the report (pdf)