Prices for services/tariffs

Ports of Stockholm

Pricelist for services 2017 (pdf) - updated October 6, 2017

Pricelist for services 2018 (pdf)

Cruise Liners

Pricelist for Cruise Liners Stockholm and Nynäshamn 2018 (pdf) - updated January 15, 2018

Waste Instructions for Ports of Stockholm (pdf)

The pricelists above are published in late December and are updated at times during the year. Do you want to receive a notification when an update is available? Send your email address to

Hutchison Ports Stockholm

Pricelist - Goods handling and container storage 2018 (pdf)
The pricelist above applies for goods handling work and the storage of goods in those cases the Hutchison Ports Stockholm has not reached another agreement with the client.