Prices for services/tariffs

Ports of Stockholm applies environmentally differentiated fees to encourage shipping companies to implement environmental initiatives over and above the legal requirements.

In summary the environmental rebates are the following:

  • A funding contribution of SEK 1 million will be offered to every vessel that carries out restructuring work to enable the vessel to connect to electricity at the quayside. This applies for the quays where Ports of Stockholm offers quayside electricity connection capabilities.
  • The port fee for LNG vessels will be discounted by 5 öre per unit of gross tonnage. For a vessel of the size of Viking Grace, calling at Stockholm daily, this amounts to a rebate of around SEK 1 million annually. For a vessel calling at Stockholm every second day the rebate will be around SEK 500 thousand annually.
  • The discount for reduced emission of nitrous oxide will follow the seven-level scale applied by the Swedish Maritime Administration. For a normal-sized vessel operating daily calls this will mean a discount of between SEK 3 million to SEK 4 million annually, depending on the amount of nitrous oxide emissions.

Pricelist for services 2017 (pdf) - updated April 5, 2017

Pricelist for Cruise Liners Stockholm and Nynäshamn 2017 (pdf) - updated February 6, 2017

Pricelist for Cruise Liners Stockholm and Nynäshamn 2018 (pdf)

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Pricelist - Goods handling and container storage 2017 (pdf)
The pricelist above applies for goods handling work and the storage of goods in those cases the Hutchison Ports Sweden AB has not reached another agreement with the client.