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Protected objects

One and the same geographical area may at the same time fall under the provisions of the Maritime Security Act and the provisions regarding civil objects of protection. The purpose of the latter is to further augment security and provide more stringent legal protection against sabotage, terrorism and espionage.

Land areas are fenced-off and have restricted access signs. Only authorised personnel are allowed access to a civil object of protection. The same access restrictions apply within installations subject to maritime security regulations as apply within areas comprising civil objects of protection.

The security guards appointed by Ports of Stockholm to protect these areas have the right to refuse access and to perform body searches of individuals requesting admission, as well as to inspect equipment and material that will be brought into these areas.

Regulatory authority representatives, for example personnel from the County Administrative Board, the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Swedish Coast Guard and Customs and Excise have the right to enter these areas on condition that they can provide proof of identity and the reason for their visit.

Only vessels that are in commercial operation are permitted entry to the Loudden–Frihamnen–Värtahamnen water district. This means that it is forbidden for pleasure craft to disembark or embark people and equipment within this area. Commercial vessels wishing to enter the area can obtain permission by contacting Ports of Stockholm’s Port and Traffic Department (BTC).