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Yacht berth at Norra Hammarbyhamnen

Aerial view of Norra Hammarbyhamnen and Södermalm

Norra Hammarbyhamnen is located below the park Mandelparken on the eastern part of Södermalm.

To reach the pier you will pass under the double bascule bride Danviksbron. It has a max air draught of 12 metres when the bridge is down. 

Position for Norra Hammarbyhamnen

N 59 18 40
E 18 06 02

Quay height at normal water level

2.0 metres

Length of quay

50 metres

Max draught

6 metres

Air draught

12 metres under the Danviksbron bridge. To reach the bridge operator for opening, please call +46 8 670 28 10 or contact your agent.


63 A, 380 V, 50 HZ


Ports of Stockholm provides linesmen services at fixed rates

Fresh water

Fresh water is available

Port dues

Information about charges for mooring, waste management, linesmen, water and more can be obtained from your agent or in Ports of Stockholm's pricelist

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