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Environmental work

Ports of Stockholm works actively, long-term and strategically for sustainable port operations and shipping. Sustainability is an integral part of our daily business operations.

For Ports of Stockholm it is important to improve our own business operations and at the same time work together with the shipping companies, our tenants and other stakeholders to contribute to reducing the impact our customers have on the environment.

We enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact through:

We reduce our own environmental impact through:

  • reduced emissions
  • increased waste recycling
  • energy saving
  • use of renewable energy, i.e. through solar cell systems
  • environmentally aware selection of materials and chemicals.

Read more about the environmental measures

One of the largest upcoming environmental investments is in onshore power connection facilities for cruise ships. These will be operational in 2024, are the first of their kind in Sweden and are also among some of only a few in Europe.

An important aspect is also collaboration with other stakeholders. Read more about EU projects and collaborations

Ports of Stockholm's environmental targets

Target 1:

  • Reduced emission of greenhouse gases from shipping customers within Ports of Stockholm’s port areas.
  • Reduced emission of air pollutants from shipping customers within Ports of Stockholm’s port areas.
           Target (compared to 2019)              
2025 2030 2035 2040
-25% -50% -75% -100%


Target 2:

  • Reduced negative effects of noise levels from shipping customers and port operations within Ports of Stockholm’s port areas.

Target 3:

  • No emission of fossil fuel carbon dioxide from Ports of Stockholm truck operations by 2025.
2020 2023 2025
330 ton 200 ton 0 ton


Target 4:

  • Ports of Stockholm operations entirely fossil fuel-free by 2030 at the latest.
2020 2025 2030
800 ton 400 ton 0 ton


Target 5:

  • Efficient energy use by Ports of Stockholm’s operations.
  Start year/target
2018 2023 2027
35,56 kWh/tusen kr -5% -10%


Target 6:

  • Higher proportion of material recycling or reuse of waste from Ports of Stockholm’s operations.
2020 2023 2027
68% 80% 85%


Target 7:

  • Sustainable offloading of black and grey wastewater vessel sewage in all Ports of Stockholm’s ports.