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About Port of Kapellskär

Aerial view of Port of Kapellskär

Kapellskär is situated 90 km north of Stockholm city, 20 km east of Norrtälje and 90 km east of Uppsala.

The location, in combination with a unique short approach time, makes it possible to rapidly transport goods and passengers to and from Stockholm and the Stockholm surroundings, as well as the rest of Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Baltic States and Continental Europe.

The E18 runs all the way to Port of Kapellskär.

GPS position: N 59 43´ E 19 04´

Visa större karta

Quay facts

Berth 1: Length 245 meters, depth 9 meters. Used by traffic to/from Estonia.

Berth 2: Length 245 meters, depth 9 meters. Used by traffic to/from Åland Islands and Finland.

Berth 3: Length 130 meters, depth 7 meters. No fixed timetable.

Berth 4: Length 200 meters, depth 9 meters. Used by traffic to/from Estonia.

Berth 5: Length 200 meters, depth 9 meters. No fixed timetable.


Mariehamn: 36'
Nådendal: 113'
Åbo: 113'
Nystad: 120'
Hangö: 130'
Ösel: 130'
Rauma: 130'
Paldiski: 156'
Tallinn: 176'
Ventspils: 176'
Helsingfors: 196'
Kotka: 256'
Sillamäe: 265'
Riga: 266'

Port regulations and ordinance

To the port regulations and ordinance of Ports of Stockholm


Are you in need of a tug within the port area?
Please contact Marin & Haverikonsult (external link)