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Port Regulations and Ordinance

These operating regulations apply to all Ports of Stockholm´s ports. If you are going to use our quays, it is your responsibility to know these regulations.

Port Regulations and Ordinance, version 2.1.1 (pdf)


Appendix 2: Port of Kapellskär (pdf)
Appendix 3: Port of Nynäshamn (pdf)
Appendix 4: Stockholm Norvik Port (pdf)
Appendix 5: Port of Stockholm (pdf)
Appendix 6: Landing Stages and Facilities Administered in Stockholm (pdf)
Appendix 7: Dangerous Goods Limitations (pdf in Swedish)

General rules governing Ports of Stockholm operations are set out in Swedish laws, statutes, edicts, regulations, and, general guidelines issued by regulatory authorities as well as in Ports of Stockholm's Port regulations.