Work in progress

All of the different aspects of construction are now taking place simultaneously at Stockholm Norvik Port. The first buildings are now being completed.

Along the quayside the drilling to insert the pilings is ongoing, the construction of the quay is being prepared and the supporting walls of the quay are being cast.

A bridge has been erected from the entrance road to the part of the port that will be the RoRo area. The railway line to the container area of the port will run under this bridge, so that the road and railway traffic will not need to cross each other.

See the progress report from April 2019:

Re-routing of road 73

To enable the work on the railway tracks, bridges, pedestrian and cycle paths to be carried out safely, road 73 is being re-routed. The work is expected to be completed by autumn of 2020.

Norvik Logistics and Business Park

Adjacent to the port NCC is planning to build a Logistics and Business Park where companies will be able to establish their various operations in a dynamic environment close to the port, roads and major city. This is a comprehensive project where the development of the area will happen successively over a period of at least 15 years.