Work in progress

All of the different aspects of construction are now taking place simultaneously at Stockholm Norvik Port. The first buildings are now being completed.

With less than a year until the port opens the container port is close to being finished. Quays as well as ground works are almost done. More than 280,000 square metres of the port area will be paved with concrete bricks. On November 1 the container area will be handed over to operating company Hutchison Ports. During winter two 60 metre container cranes and eight 16 metre cradle carriers will be delivered from China.

In the RoRo part of the port the quays are almost done. Ground work is being done, and foundations for a large goods handling tent have been cast.

Ports of Stockholm is building a new railway, from the port to regular tracks four kilometres away. This includes a railway tunnel and five bridges. A large bridge in the port separates rail traffic from other vehicles. Another concrete bridge is being constructed under the main road to Nynäshamn, plus one small railway bridge and two bridges for pedestrians and bicycles.

Five large buildings are being constructed. The customs building is finished, main office plus workshop for cradle carriers are almost done, a building for the Food Agency is constructed, as well as a RoRo terminal building. A number of smaller buildings for technical installations are also under construction.

See the progress report from April 2019:

Re-routing of road 73

To enable the work on the railway tracks, bridges, pedestrian and cycle paths to be carried out safely, road 73 is being re-routed. The work is expected to be completed by autumn of 2020.

Norvik Logistics and Business Park

Adjacent to the port NCC is planning to build a Logistics and Business Park where companies will be able to establish their various operations in a dynamic environment close to the port, roads and major city. This is a comprehensive project where the development of the area will happen successively over a period of at least 15 years.