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  • The two cranes at Stockholm Norvik Port

    The Stockholm Norvik container terminal will open in successive stages

    The major infrastructure project to construct the Stockholm Norvik Port is now entering its final phase as far as the container terminal is concerned. Sweden’s newest freight port will open in successive stages during the spring.


  • Stockholm Norvik Port

    The fairway to Stockholm Norvik Port is ready for vessel traffic

    Stockholm Norvik Port welcomes vessel traffic with a new, modern fairway, where remotely controlled navigation markers guide the way. The port’s navigation markers combine innovative technology with traditional navigation aids and are part of the EU Intelligent Sea project.


  • Trucks peeking out from a ferry

    Freight has increased at Ports of Stockholm

    The important supply of goods to the Stockholm region via shipping and the ports is functioning well, despite the difficult situation resulting from the corona virus pandemic. The amount of goods transported via Ports of Stockholm in March was up on the comparative monthly figures for the previous year.


  • The railway at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Stockholm Norvik Port is connected to the railway network

    Over the Easter weekend the industrial branch line that Ports of Stockholm has built to Stockholm Norvik Port was connected to the railway network and electrified. This creates a direct railway link to and from the port on the Green Cargo intermodal network for national and international transport.


  • Den gröna bojen i förgrunden och Stockholm Norviks två kranar i bakgrunden

    Stockholm Norvik Port has a smart buoy

    A buoy known as a smart buoy has been installed in the shipping fairway just outside Stockholm Norvik Port. This is an energy efficient navigation beacon with the technology to position-monitor and remotely adjust the buoy’s light intensity. The buoy is part of the EU Intelligent Sea project, which is using digitalisation to improve safety and efficiency in shipping fairways.


  • Overwiew image of Stockholm Norvik Port

    Euroglobe will establish terminal operations at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Ports of Stockholm and the logistics company Euroglobe will develop their collaboration at Sweden’s newest freight port. The establishment of Euroglobe at Stockholm Norvik Port creates entirely new opportunities for handling goods between different modes of transport and handling export goods.


  • A huge crane lifts a ramp

    Giant ramps installed at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Huge future dimension- and capacity-proof ramps for rolling goods have been installed at Stockholm Norvik Port. The RoRo terminal at the port is scheduled to open this autumn and has been equipped to be able to handle the larger vessels of the future.


  • Två kranar monterade vid kajkanten, och sex grensletruckar i förgrunden på hamnplan

    Super-post-Panamax cranes now in place at Stockholm Norvik Port

    The largest container cranes in the Baltic Sea are now in place at Sweden’s newest freight port. The cranes are a combination of the best technology from Asia and an intelligent system manufactured by the Swedish company ABB.


  • Ports of Stockholm´s flag waving in the wind

    Ports of Stockholm halves port fees

    To ensure the continuous flow of shipping and the transport of goods between Sweden and its neighbouring countries, Ports of Stockholm has halved port fees for ferries at all three of the company’s ports.


  • Aerial photo of Port of Kapellskär

    Climate and environmental investment in the maritime bridge between Kapellskär and Naantali

    Ports of Stockholm has applied for an EU investment grant for a project that will meet customer demands and the needs of the future. It is also an environmental investment that would result in significantly lower emissions of carbon dioxide and air pollutants at the Port of Kapellskär.