Onshore power milestone reached at Port of Kapellskär

Container containing  onshore power supply is lifted off ground

A milestone has been reached at Port of Kapellskär for connection of Finnlines services to onshore power. In 2023, Finnlines will introduce two brand new Superstar-class vessels on the Kapellskär-Långnäs-Naantali route. These vessels will connect to onshore power at the quay and will also use automooring, resulting in reduced emissions when vessels are in port.

Now the station at the heart of the onshore power connections for Finnlines new vessels is in place at Port of Kapellskär. All that remains is to lay the power lines, install the cranes that will carry the power lines to the vessels, and test the facility.

“Having the possibility to invest, together with our customers, in modern technology that reduces emissions is extremely rewarding. It is very positive that our long-term loyal customer, Finnlines, has chosen to invest in sustainable development at Port of Kapellskär,” says Bino Drummond, Deputy Chairman of Port of Kapellskär.

The onshore power connections are part of a larger project being carried out together with the shipping company Finnlines and Port of Naantali. The project stems from Finnlines order for two brand new Superstar-class vessels for the Kapellskär-Långnäs-Naantali route. These vessels will be introduced into service in 2023. In addition to the onshore power connections, automooring will also be installed at Port of Kapellskär. This reduces the time the vessel spends in port, enables lower vessel speeds at sea, and saves on fuel.

“Our two new vessels are an investment in more sustainable shipping and increased volumes. The vessels are 235 metres long and the total linear meter-length for trucks, haulage vehicles and cars onboard is more than five kilometres per vessel. In practical terms this means a capacity for around 200 cars and almost 300 haulage vehicles on the car deck. The passenger capacity will increase to around 1,100,” explains Antonio Raimo, Line Manager at Finnlines.

A large proportion of Ports of Stockholm regular ferry services already connect to onshore power. Actemium OPS, the supplier of the onshore power facilities at Port of Kapellskär, has already delivered two similar facilities to Ports of Stockholm. The most recent of these came into operation in June 2021.

“Actemium OPS has previously supplied Ports of Stockholm with two onshore power connection facilities. Now they have been commissioned to supply a third facility, this time at Kapellskär. Our onshore power connections are market leading and are manufactured in Sweden. They provide major environmental benefits," says Ingemar Gustavsson, Director Actemium Sweden.

Investment in onshore power is being made to reduce air pollutant emissions and lower noise levels from vessels in port. The facility at Port of Kapellskär is within the framework of the EU project “Upgrade of the Baltic Sea Bridge Kapellskär-Långnäs-Naantali” and 30 percent of the funding comes from the EU. Partial funding is also provided nationally in Sweden by the Climate Leap initiative.

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