Due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Ports of Stockholm would like to issue the following information.

How are port operations affected? 

Work associated with vessel calls and services to our customers will continue as normal. Ports of Stockholm is closely following developments and is in continuous contact with the relevant authorities. We will continue to follow developments and update our information. There are established procedures in place and there is collaboration between Ports of Stockholm and the relevant authorities and we are naturally taking the action that the responsible agencies judge to be necessary.

Read about what actions the cruise industry is taking (external link)

Current traffic information

For current traffic information, please contact the shipping companies.

Entering Sweden

Read more about which restrictions apply (external link)

At the terminals

Ports of Stockholm’s passenger terminals have the following measures to avoid situations that risk virus transmission:

  • Signs to remind people to comply with the two metre distancing that
    applies inside the terminal, on passenger walkways and in the customs queues.
  • Posts with distance signs or markers on the floor at two metre
    intervals leading up to the ticket barriers.
  • Hand sanitizer in the toilets and in the terminals.
  • Marking advising distancing intervals on benches.

Ports of Stockholm is a quarantine port

Ports of Stockholm is a quarantine port. This means that we have the preparedness at out quays in central Stockholm to receive a vessel that has declared a communicable disease outbreak aboard.

Find out more here

Responsibility for disease prevention

The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) has the overall national responsibility for protecting Sweden’s inhabitants from communicable diseases. The Public Health Agency of Sweden works closely with the World Health Organization, WHO, who continuously assesses how the outbreak is developing.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden keeps the healthcare services, regional infection control units and other stakeholders informed about the situation. The Public Health Agency of Sweden takes decisions about what actions are relevant for the Swedish population and coordinates such actions at a national level.

Within each healthcare region (previously known as the county council healthcare service) there are County Medical Officers who have operational responsibility for disease control within the region. For the Stockholm area this is the County Medical Officer for Region Stockholm.