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Stockholm Norvik Port winner of prestigious construction prize

Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port

Ports of Stockholm’s newly built Stockholm Norvik Port has won the prestigious construction prize Årets Bygge 2021.

The most important prize in the Swedish public construction sector, Årets Bygge 2021 (Construction of the year 2021) was awarded on Thursday 18th March by the construction sector magazine, Byggindustrin, for the construction of the year. Stockholm Norvik Port, Ports of Stockholm’s newly built port, won the prize in the Infrastructure category and was also announced the 2021 overall winner.

“Together with all of Ports of Stockholm and the contractors involved, it gives me great pride and pleasure to receive the prestigious Årets Bygge 2021 construction prize. Together we succeeded in meeting the time schedule on budget in this complex project, while at the same time prioritizing safety and working environment,” explains Karl Lagerlöf, Chief Operating Officer at Ports of Stockholm.

The jury issued the following statement:

“The overall winner of Årets Bygge 2021 is not a single construction – but several complex constructions in one. Roads, bridges and buildings have been connected together with a railway line, tunnel and a world class cargo terminal. The budget and time planning was impeccable, the collaboration of the 40 different contractors was impressive and the injury statistics were unbelievably exemplary. The ship came in! What did it bring? Winner of the Årets Bygge 2021 construction prize: Stockholm Norvik Port. Many congratulations!”

The first spade in building Stockholm Norvik Port broke ground in 2016. The project has involved 40 building contractors and all disciplines of the construction industry have been represented. Stockholm Norvik Port is the first completely new major freight port to be built in Sweden for decades. The port area covers 44 hectares.

A four kilometre-long railway line has been built to the port, as well as a railway yard, new roads, several bridges, a tunnel through the hillside, six major buildings, the port’s own water reservoir and electrical power installations of small city capacity.

Stockholm Norvik Port:

  • consists of two major port areas – a container terminal and a terminal for rolling goods. Both areas opened in 2020.
  • has been built to ensure the sustainable supply of goods to the greater Stockholm region.
  • has been built to be safe, efficient and eco-friendly and to meet the needs of the future.

Projects compete for the Årets Bygge 2021 construction prize in six separate categories: Residential housing, Hotels and offices, Infrastructure, Industrial buildings and commercial properties, Community properties, and Renovations. A winner is announced in each separate category, as well as an overall winner.

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