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Safe and smart logistics at Stockholm Norvik Port

Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port

Smart solutions from the start are one advantage of building an entirely new port. The infrastructure in the areas in and around Stockholm Norvik Port are optimised for safe and efficient transport.

There are many advantages to building an entirely new port. There are no obstacles when planning spatial layout, access routes and traffic flow in and around the area. Simple, straightforward and rapid handling have been the guiding lights for planning Stockholm Norvik Port, buildings included. These are centrally placed to allow more space for cargo and are located close to their main focus of operations.

Entrance to the port, via the large access bridge, is specifically constructed to separate the road haulage vehicles from the railway traffic. The result is no need to turn into or cross oncoming goods traffic. This is one of the logistics solutions for safe and efficient transport inside the port area.

Stockholm Norvik Port was completed last year. Both the container and RoRo terminals at Sweden’s newest major port are fully operational and the port is a new logistics hub in the growing Stockholm region.