New ferry line links Sweden and Germany

Invigning ny färjelinje Sverige - Tyskland

On 30th August, shipping company Rederi AB Gotland launched a new ferry line, Hansa Destinations, for freight and passenger travel between the Port of Nynäshamn and the Port of Rostock. The new line means that Ports of Stockholm now has twelve destinations, and the route links Stockholm to the German and continental markets. This facilitates the transfer of long-distance transport from land to sea, providing significant sustainability advantages.

Ports of Stockholm welcomes shipping company Rederi AB Gotland’s new ferry line, Hansa Destinations, launched on 30th August. The line, operating services between the Port of Nynäshamn and the Port of Rostock, will initially have three departures each week.

“We are delighted with this shipping initiative, which links two major destinations and markets. We have good collaboration with both Rederi AB Gotland and the Port of Rostock for achieving efficient port and logistics solutions for the line,” states Joakim Larsson, City Commissioner responsible for Ports of Stockholm.

“Hansa Destinations provides customers with an additional alternative for the transport of goods and travel between the Stockholm region and northern Germany, which improves flexibility and efficiency. Transferring transport from land to sea means the new line will enable a 20 percent reduction in emissions annually,” explains Håkan Johansson, CEO Rederi AB Gotland.

Transporting goods by sea between the Stockholm region and Germany reduces emissions and reduces congestion on the road and railway networks. Hansa Destinations has been awarded state support, an ecobonus, to reduce Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions and meet Sweden’s climate goals. The Hansa line is one of three projects based at Ports of Stockholm to be granted ecobonus support.

“With twelve destinations dedicated to ferry services, Ports of Stockholm is one of the largest passenger ports worldwide, and one of Sweden’s largest freight ports. The new line between Sweden and Germany, as well as other initiatives within the ecobonus framework for sustainable shipping, further augments our position as a logistics hub for sustainable transport in the Baltic Sea region,” says Joakim Larsson.

With the new Hansa Destinations line, Ports of Stockholm now has ferry services to Mariehamn, Naantali, Turku, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Paldiski, Riga, Ventspils, Gdansk, Rostock and Visby.