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Increased exports at Stockholm Norvik Port

Train and container vessel at Stockholm Norvik Port

The export of forestry products continues to rise at Stockholm Norvik Port container terminal. Ports of Stockholm’s new major port has the best possible location in the Baltic Sea, as well as the capacity to satisfy the needs of the Swedish export industry for efficient freight transport.

Stockholm Norvik Port has worked in collaboration with freight forwarding company Holship since mid-June last year to export forestry products in shipping containers. The collaboration has been a great success and volumes have increased significantly. Forestry products that include timber, lumber and paper are shipped on oceangoing vessels, with final destinations in the Far East.

“Stockholm Norvik Port exports have been very successful despite the exceptionally turbulent situation for the container market globally. The Stockholm Norvik Port provides us with superb capabilities to handle exports efficiently in a region that has historically been very import-focussed,” states Daniel Hermansson, Managing Director of Holship Sverige AB.

Stockholm Norvik Port, with its unique location, plays an important role in the Swedish export market. The port has the capacity and service capabilities to satisfy the needs of the Swedish export industry for efficient and sustainable freight transport.

“As a major import port with an excess of empty containers, we can make a significant difference and meet the needs of the export industry for a functioning infrastructure. Instead of moving containers around, over the whole of Sweden, Stockholm Norvik Port can contribute to more sustainable and cost-efficient handling,” explains Nicklas Ebersson, Marketing Manager Cargo at Ports of Stockholm.

Ports of Stockholm’s Stockholm Norvik Port is a brand new RoRo and container port with the best possible location in the Baltic Sea. The hub has short approach lanes, efficient transport links and a newly built railway to facilitate the sustainable import and export of goods to and from the whole of Sweden.

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