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Freight is up nine percent at Port of Kapellskär

A truck rolls of a ferry at a snowy Port of Kapellskär

There is an upward trend in freighted goods at Port of Kapellskär, Ports of Stockholm’s largest freight port. Despite the worldwide pandemic, freight volumes in 2020 increased nine percent compared to the previous year.

Freight volumes at Port of Kapellskär are continuing to rise. In 2020, a total 2.9 million tonnes of freight was transported via Kapellskär, an increase of 250,000 tonnes. This shows the supply of goods shipped by sea, which is so important to the Stockholm area, functioned very well in the difficult prevailing circumstances.

Finnlink, Ports of Stockholm’s largest freight customer, represented the largest proportional rise in freight volumes, but freight volumes in 2020 also increased for DFDS and Tallink Silja. Both shipping companies introduced additional vessels on the Kapellskär – Paldiski (Estonia) route to meet the demand for transport when services from Stockholm stopped as a result of the pandemic.

“It is great to see that freight volumes at Port of Kapellskär are continuing to rise. We have seen steady growth for many years, which shows how important the port is for the growing Stockholm region,” states Peter Lundman, Technical Operations Manager at Port of Kapellskär.

Port of Kapellskär is one of Sweden’s most important and modern freight ports. Its location, in combination with very short approach times, makes it possible to rapidly transport goods and passengers to and from the Stockholm region, where more than 50 percent of Sweden’s consumption takes place.

“Port of Kapellskär is extremely important for sustainable transports. Being able to transport more goods by sea ensures long-term sustainable development and growth for the entire Stockholm region. An increase in volume of nine percent is extremely pleasing at the present time,” explains Nicklas Ebersson, Marketing Manager Cargo at Ports of Stockholm.

Ports of Stockholm is Sweden’s third-largest freight transport port. Port of Kapellskär currently handles 50 percent of Ports of Stockholm’s ferry freight to and from Finland and Estonia. Each year 3.5 million metres of freight passes through Kapellskär.

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