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  • Two dock workers beside a vessel at Port of Kapellskär

    Exponential rise in transhipment cargo at Port of Kapellskär

    Business is booming at Ports of Stockholm’s northernmost port, Port of Kapellskär. Transhipment cargo handling operations have increased exponentially over the first eleven months of the year. The high demand and good prerequisites at Port of Kapellskär consolidate the port’s position as one of Sweden’s most important freight ports.


  • Aerial view of Stockholm Norvik Port with a Stena Line ferry leaving port

    Stena Line expands and launches new route between Stockholm Norvik and Hanko

    Shipping company Stena Line continues to invest in Stockholm Norvik Port and the Baltic Sea. In February a brand new route will be introduced between Stockholm Norvik Port and Hanko in Finland. Ports of Stockholm’s new major port has been built to provide good preconditions for shipping companies to grow and develop.


  • Aerial view of the central part of Stockholm

    New report highlights regional economic importance of Ports of Stockholm

    A new report compiled by WSP Advisory shows how important shipping is for Stockholm’s regional growth. Ports of Stockholm’s business operations create 24,000 job opportunities, generating EUR 2.95 billion in GRP and EUR 290 million in municipal tax revenue.


  • Crane lifts green bouy into the water

    Stockholm fairway smart buoy powered by solar energy

    A unique solar-powered smart buoy is now being tested in the Stockholm fairway. As part of the Intelligent Sea EU project, Ports of Stockholm is testing smart navigational markers, among other things for improved efficiency of service and maintenance. The navigational markers will be more sustainable and also withstand severe icy weather conditions.


  • Modular construction units at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Modular construction units sail from Piteå to Stockholm Norvik Port

    Large modular construction units are being transported by sea to the growing Stockholm region. Transporting project loads by sea directly to their final destination has major sustainability, efficiency and cost benefits.


  • Aerial view of the archipelago with several ferries in sight

    All ferries between Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn will soon connect to onshore power

    Large numbers of goods and passengers are transported daily between the ports in Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn. The three Baltic Sea ports in collaboration have each invested in onshore power electricity connections that will significantly reduce the emission of air pollutants from vessels at the quayside.


  • Dock workers at Port of Kapellskär

    Freight is up 18 percent at Port of Kapellskär

    It is full steam ahead for freight handling at Port of Kapellskär. The figures for the first nine months of this year show a freight rise of 18 percent compared to the same period last year. This underlines how valuable the port is for the important supply of goods to the growing Stockholm region.


  • Aerial view of Port of Kapellskär

    Larger vessel will be introduced on Kapellskär - Naantali route

    Early next year, Ports of Stockholm’s RoRo customer Finnlines will increase cargo capacity on the Kapellskär – Långnäs – Naantali route. This means that greater volumes can be transported by sea to and from Sweden’s largest consumer area.


  • Tugboat shooting water in front of cruise vessel arriving at Port of Stockholm

    Triple cruise ship visit concludes the cruise season at Ports of Stockholm

    Stockholm is still a top cruise destination, with almost 100 cruise ship calls into Ports of Stockholm during the 2021 cruise season. Good collaborations and a safe and cautious restart resulted in yet another successful cruise season.


  • Onshore power connection building in front of a cruise ship

    Ports of Stockholm takes another step towards onshore power connections for cruise ships

    Ports of Stockholm has been granted building permits to equip Stockholm’s central quays with onshore power connections for cruise ships. This environmental initiative is a collaboration with other Baltic Sea ports that will result in significantly lower emissions of carbon dioxide and air pollutants from cruise ships in Stockholm and the Baltic Sea.


  • Johan Wallén handing over plaque to captain of Stena Scandica

    Stena Line expands with new and larger vessels calling at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Shipping company Stena Line has chosen to invest in the Baltic Sea and Stockholm Norvik Port. The new Stena Scandica is the first of two extended vessels on the Ventspils – Stockholm Norvik Port route.


  • Thomas Andersson, Harry Bouveng and Fredrik Lindstål by the new solar cell facility at Stockholm Norvik

    Sweden’s largest port solar cell system inaugurated at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Sweden’s most modern port, Stockholm Norvik, has now been equipped with a solar cell system larger than that of any other Swedish port. This is part of the continued investment in renewable energy entirely in line with Ports of Stockholm’s long-term environmental goals.


  • Deputy Harbour Master watches as cargo is unloaded from ship

    From Asia to Frihamnen Port – new cargo volumes via Ports of Stockholm

    Cargo arrives by new route via Ports of Stockholm, giving major environmental benefits. Shipping company Thorco Projects’ cargo unloaded at Frihamnen Port comes all the way from Asia to Stockholm.


  • Invigning ny färjelinje Sverige - Tyskland

    New ferry line links Sweden and Germany

    On 30th August, shipping company Rederi AB Gotland launched a new ferry line, Hansa Destinations, for freight and passenger travel between the Port of Nynäshamn and the Port of Rostock. The new line means that Ports of Stockholm now has twelve destinations, and the route links Stockholm to the German and continental markets. This facilitates the transfer of long-distance transport from land to sea, providing significant sustainability advantages.


  • Four vessels in the Stockholm archipelago

    The Baltic is not just a sea – it is a bridge between neighbours

    The Baltic Sea Day places this important body of water firmly in the spotlight. The Baltic Sea is essential for trade and travel, but it is also a fragile ecosystem. This summer has seen the long-awaited restart of vessel services at Ports of Stockholm in the wake of the pandemic. Now the ports in Stockholm and Helsinki are continuing their collaboration on sustainability issues to protect and care for the Baltic Sea, our common resource.


  • Four vessels in port at Port of Kapellskär

    Fantastic figures at Port of Kapellskär

    Freight volumes continue to rise at Port of Kapellskär, Ports of Stockholm's biggest freight port. Up to and including July, volumes have risen by as much as 9.6 percent compared to the same period the previous year. The increased demand for cargo handling emphasises the port's position as one of Sweden's most important freight ports.


  • Smart navigation marker at Stockholm Norvik Port

    Trials of innovative smart navigation marker at Stockholm Norvik Port

    In the fairway leading to Stockholm Norvik Port, a land-installed navigational marker with an illuminated screen has been equipped with a methanol fuel cell. The fuel cell is part of a pilot project within the framework of the EU Intelligent Sea project, which aims to use digitalisation to increase safety and efficiency in shipping fairways.


  • Two deputy harbour masters wearing facemasks in front of Mein Schiff 1

    Ports collaborate for safe and speedy restart of important cruise ship tourism

    Sweden’s first cruise ship call of the year where passengers will be able to leave the ship to visit Gothenburg, Visby and Stockholm will take place on 15th June. A joint collaboration of ports and regulatory authorities has made this cautious restart possible, sending a positive message both to international cruise shipping companies and to the Swedish tourism industry.


  • Joakim Larsson on the quay in front of Mein Schiff 1

    Ports of Stockholm to invest in new cruise ship quay

    Ports of Stockholm is one of the world’s largest passenger ports. A EUR 1,5 million investment to create a new cruise quay is now planned, which will double the capacity for cruise ships. The investment will begin in 2021 and the quay will be fully operational for the 2023 cruise season.


  • The vessel Emelie Deymann leaving Stockholm Norvik Port

    Sweden’s first inland shipping barge shuttle service has started from Stockholm Norvik Port

    Sweden’s first container barge shuttle service on inland waterways started operation on June 1st between Stockholm Norvik Port and the Port of Västerås. The container barge shuttle service carries the equivalent of around 200 road haulage vehicles, alleviating road network congestion and significantly decreasing carbon dioxide emissions in the region. Services will be operated by German shipping company Deymann.