The fairway to Stockholm Norvik Port is ready for vessel traffic

Stockholm Norvik Port

Stockholm Norvik Port welcomes vessel traffic with a new, modern fairway, where remotely controlled navigation markers guide the way. The port’s navigation markers combine innovative technology with traditional navigation aids and are part of the EU Intelligent Sea project.

The Swedish Maritime Administration and Ports of Stockholm have worked together to develop the new fairway to Stockholm Norvik Port. The Swedish Maritime Administration has handled the relocation and new establishment of a number of buoys and navigation markers outside the port area. Ports of Stockholm has been responsible for establishing a number of new navigation markers in the immediate vicinity of the port.

“It feels safe and well that the fairway to Stockholm Norvik Port is now ready, but also that the navigation markers are equipped with digital monitoring and can be controlled remotely,” explains Jonas Andersson, Nautical Coordinator at Ports of Stockholm.

The Finnish company Meritaito has supplied the five navigation markers that Ports of Stockholm is responsible for – four illuminated screens and a green fairway buoy. The navigation markers are connected to the internet via mobile network and can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Ports of Stockholm is testing and developing possibilities to automate control of the light intensity of the illuminated screens. The intention is to reduce the light intensity when there are no vessels in the fairway, as well as to make energy use more efficient. The tests are part of the EU Intelligent Sea project.

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The container terminal at Stockholm Norvik Port will open in May 2020 and will be run by Hutchison Ports, one of the world’s largest container terminal operators, with 52 ports in 27 countries. The RoRo terminal is scheduled to open in September and will be operated by Ports of Stockholm.

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