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Inland shipping collaboration between Ports of Stockholm and Mälarhamnar

Stockholm Norvik Port 2020

Ports of Stockholm and Mälarhamnar have joined forces to facilitate sustainable transport and inland shipping between Stockholm Norvik Port and the strategically located Mälarhamnar ports in Västerås and Köping. The collaboration expands the offerings at the ports and will provide good preconditions for barge traffic, similar to that seen on European rivers.

Ports of Stockholm is building an entirely new freight port, Stockholm Norvik Port, situated just south of Stockholm. The port will open in May 2020, and its location will create new opportunities for efficient and sustainable transport in the growing greater Stockholm region. Simultaneously there are also major projects ongoing at the Mälarhamnar ports to enable the handling of larger goods volumes. This includes expanding port areas, renovation of quays and construction of new warehouse buildings.

As part of this initiative to transport goods by sea to the greatest extent possible, Mälarhamnar and Ports of Stockholm are now entering into a unique collaboration. The goal of the collaboration is to enable inland shipping between Stockholm Norvik Port and Mälarhamnar ports.

“We are extremely positive about this collaboration. Stockholm Norvik Port provides a unique opportunity to create inland shipping using barges that would make transport in the Stockholm region more efficient. This provides additional possibilities for our customers and reduces congestion and the environmental impact of the overland infrastructure,” states Johan Wallén, Marketing and Sales Manager at Ports of Stockholm.

“For shipping companies, forwarding companies and cargo owners to be able to operate and use barge traffic, the ports must work together in a chain so that there are fairways that function for this purpose. It is therefore important that we, the ports, play our part and together take the necessary steps to enable this traffic to become a reality in Sweden,” says Carola Alzén, CEO of Mälarhamnar AB.

Nine goods in ten arrive in Sweden by sea. The majority of these are destined for the greater Stockholm region. If these goods could be transported directly to the Stockholm Norvik Port and then onward into Lake Mälaren and the Mälarhamnar ports, the burden on the already congested road and rail networks in the greater Stockholm region could be alleviated. Inland shipping contributes to a more sustainable overland infrastructure.

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