First step towards shuttle train services at the Stockholm Norvik Port

Nicklas Ebersson and Markus Johansson at the rail in Stockholm Norvik Port

Sweden’s new freight port, the Stockholm Norvik Port, opens in May next year. At the beginning of April Ports of Stockholm submitted shuttle route applications for the first shuttle train services to and from the new freight port.

To create the preconditions for rail transport to and from the Stockholm Norvik Port, applications for a number of shuttle train routes were submitted by Ports of Stockholm at the beginning of April to the Swedish Transport Administration. Today Ports of Stockholm constitutes one of Sweden’s biggest import ports. With the opening of the Stockholm Norvik Port the opportunities for export are significantly improved.

The shuttle train routes to and from the Stockholm Norvik Port that applications have been submitted for include the cities Insjön, Borlänge, Eskilstuna and Hallsberg.

“After analysing and discussing with our customers, we have now applied for a number of shuttle train routes. We believe there are also additional development opportunities and will be pleased to discuss these further with operators, shipping companies and cargo owners who are interested in operating and creating new business opportunities resulting from the railway link we are in the process of constructing. This is a first, but giant step towards creating the preconditions to develop shuttle train services at the Stockholm Norvik Port,” states Nicklas Ebersson, Ports of Stockholm Marketing Manager Cargo.

Map of shuttle train routes applied

The Stockholm Norvik Port will open in May 2020 and will replace the existing container terminal at Frihamnen in Stockholm. The new container terminal will be run by Hutchison Ports, one of the world’s leading container terminal operators. During the autumn of 2020 the RoRo (rolling goods) part of the Stockholm Norvik Port will open. This will be run by Ports of Stockholm as part of the company’s own business operations.

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