Ports of Stockholm and Hutchison Ports mingle with container friends

Henrik Widerståhl (Stockholms Hamnar), Bob Page (Hutchison Ports), Torbjörn Persson (Stockholms Hamnar) och Fredrik Hermansson (Greencarrier) minglar i Göteborg

Interest was greater than ever when Ports of Stockholm and Hutchison Ports had their annual customer meeting. The opening of Stockholm Norvik Port is approaching and the first vessel arrives in 2020.

On Thursday, October 12, Ports of Stockholm and Hutchison Ports mingled with their container customers at Johan Scotts Palace in Gothenburg. Dick Lagerberg, Manager Freight and Logistics at Ports of Stockholm, and Bob Page, CEO Hutchison Ports Sweden, told how customers can best benefit from one of Europe's largest port projects.

Stockholm is one of Europe’s fastest growing regions. A brand new container and ro-ro port, Stockholm Norvik Port, opens 2020. With a depth of 16.5 metres, the port will be adapted to accommodate all vessels moving in the Baltic Sea. In addition to the port, a railway is also being connected to Nynäsbanan, and NCC is building a logistics and business park.

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Nice mingle in Gothenburg