2016 was a historic year for Ports of Stockholm

The cover of the annual report 2016

Two state-of-the-art ports were completed and the construction of a new port began. You can read about this and much more in the Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2016.

The combined Ports of Stockholm Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2016 is now reviewed and approved by the company's auditors. The sustainability report is compiled in accordance with the GRI G4 framework. The issues that Ports of Stockholm and the company's stakeholders believe are of greatest importance, and that Ports of Stockholm has selected to report, are long-term profitability, efficiency and renewable energy use, and vessel emission of air pollutants.

In many ways 2016 was a historic year for Ports of Stockholm. In addition to major development projects reconstructing the Värtahamnen port and the Port of Kapellskär, construction of the new freight port, the Stockholm Norvik Port, also began.

Within the ro-ro and container segments 2016 was also a year of high goods transport volumes. In 2016 an all-time-high for containers of almost 54 000 TEUs was reached. In total nine million tonnes of goods were transported via Ports of Stockholm, making the company the third-largest freight port in Sweden.

Ports of Stockholm continues to be the number one passenger port by some margin. Ferry services account for the greatest passenger volumes, with almost eleven million passengers.

In financial terms 2016 was one of the strongest years ever, despite high borrowing for the long-term investments.

Order your copy of the Annual Report and Sustainability Report by sending an email to info@portsofstockholm.com or download the report here.