Strömkajen, a new meeting place in the heart of Stockholm

One of Stockholm's most scenic places, Strömkajen, has been renovated over the past four years to make it a functional, accessible and safe meeting place that also incorporates smart environmental solutions.

"We have combined advanced technology solutions with functionality to meet the needs of Stockholm's residents, the passengers and the boat traffic. Strömkajen is now renovated so that it will last for the next hundred years," says Irene Lindbäck, leader of the Ports of Stockholm project.

The quayside has been widened by two meters and has been lowered to its original height to make it easier for passengers to board and disembark. Under the widened quayside a 250 metre-long tunnel has been built to house facilities for waste water and fresh water, waste disposal and electricity for the boats. Technology resources for the boats are also housed in smart technology benches, which also function as normal benches for sitting on.

Three new buildings adorn the quayside, a terminal building each for the Strömma and Waxholmsbolaget boat services and a building with a cafeteria, storage areas, a waste recycling station and a terraced staircase on the outside with a good view of the Royal Palace. The design is a modern style, so as not to compete with the existing, historical sites and buildings. A lot of thought has gone into selecting the building materials, with copper alloy cladding on the outside of the buildings and oak inside to reflect the nautical environment.

"We are very proud today to inaugurate the new Strömkajen, and its new buildings, as an accessible and functional meeting place in one of Stockholm's most scenic places. This is an important hub for archipelago traffic with around a half million passengers each year," says Helena Bonnier, Chair of the Board at Ports of Stockholm.

In the autumn the waste disposal facility will also be completed and will be able to manage the waste from the archipelago traffic, the Grand Hôtel and the future waste from the bins in Kungsträdgården.