Ports of Stockholm's Communication is World Class

At a ceremony in Los Angeles, Wednesday 8 May 2013, Ports of Stockholm was awarded second place in a prize for port communications throughout the world.

The "Port Communications Award" prize was introduced in 2011 with the intention of inspiring improved communication by the world's ports and to highlight the importance of communication efforts to explain the importance of the ports to the surrounding communities.

"Ports of Stockholm has long-term goals, a clear strategy and a strong visual identity. That is why we selected Ports of Stockholm as one of the Port Communications Award winners," says Monica Bonvalet, Chair of the IAPH Committee on Port Communications and Community Relations.

Nine out of ten of Sweden's goods arrive by sea from all four corners of the world and the ports are an important arterial supply for our communities. Ports carry out exciting operations and have historically been at the hearts of our cities. Current global trends are for the growth of cities to result in ports having to move away from the city centres. This makes it even more important to succeed in disseminating the message of how important ports are and in gaining the understanding and acceptance of the general public for our work.

"We are incredibly pleased and proud to receive this award. To encourage and inspire each other in our communication efforts is very important to the success of getting the message across about how important the ports are," says Helena Bonnier, Chair of the Board of Directors at Ports of Stockholm.

IAPH is a global organisation that includes around 200 ports and 150 companies from the shipping sector, representing around 90 different countries. IAPH promotes collaborations between the ports, is an advisor to the UN, and actively works to develop international trade and shipping policies. IAPH members handle around 80 percent of the world's container traffic and more than 60 percent of all international shipping.