Ferry passengers mean SEK 5000 million for Stockholm

The ferry passengers who travel via Ports of Stockholm's ports fill seven full hotels in the Stockholm region, every day of the year. While they are in Stockholm they spend SEK 3000 per person, which adds up to SEK 5000 million over the year. The ferry passengers contribute 20 percent of total Stockholm tourism consumer spending in the county.

Today Ports of Stockholm presented the results of a new survey of the ferry passengers who travel via Ports of Stockholm's ports.

“We have surveyed a large group of the passengers travelling by ferry via our three ports,” says Henrik Widerståhl, Deputy Managing Director at Ports of Stockholm. “The survey provides us with comprehensive demographic information about the ferry passengers and clearly demonstrates how important they are for the Stockholm tourist industry,” he explains.

Visitors spend SEK 3000 during the time they are in Stockholm, which adds up to SEK 5000 million over the year. Shopping tops the spending list, followed by restaurant visits and accommodation. Half of those who stay in Stockholm overnight stay in hotels. This means ferry passengers fill seven full hotels every day, all year round.

Four in ten of those surveyed were from Finland. Almost one in two had been to Stockholm ten times or more. Four in ten said that the boat trip itself was the main purpose of their journey. They travel to relax and to enjoy themselves aboard the ferry. As many as 95 percent were satisfied with their journey and three in four plan to return to Stockholm within five years.

Every year more than 11 million passengers travel by ferry via a Ports of Stockholm port. The target group for the ferry passenger survey was people non-resident in Stockholm, over 15 years of age and who spend at least two hours in Stockholm. In total this target group encompasses 1.7 million passengers.

Read more about the survey or download it