Container goods increase by 28 percent at Ports of Stockholm

The volume of goods at the container terminal at Frihamnen in 2012 increased by 28 percent compared to 2011. In total the turnover for the year reached almost 36,000 container units (TEUs).

"We are very pleased by the rise in volumes during 2012 and look forward to continued strong growth in 2013," says Henrik Widerståhl, Marketing Director and Deputy Managing Director at Ports of Stockholm.

The number of shipping companies calling at Frihamnen has increased and this has contributed strongly to the increase in goods volumes. Since October 2012 the Mediterranean Shipping Company, MSC, has also chosen to use the container terminal at Frihamnen for transporting goods to and from the Stockholm region, which is a very encouraging development.

There are now four shipping companies making weekly calls at the container terminal, Unifeeder, Team Lines, Mediterranean Shipping Company and SCA Transforest. The routes operated by these shipping companies include services to Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, St Petersburg and Rauma, as well as a number of other destinations.