Stockholm sets new cruise passenger record

The total tally for the season for the number of international cruise passengers visiting Stockholm reveals that the city has broken previous records as a destination. When the season ends at the beginning of October 450,000 international cruise passengers will have visited Stockholm and Nynäshamn, with a significant rise in the number of “turnarounds”.

Together it is estimated that these passengers have spent around SEK 500 million during their visit.  

"It is incredibly gratifying that Stockholm has set a new record as a visitor destination for the valuable cruise tourism business. The 450,000 passengers who visited during the 2011 season will spread their impressions of Stockholm as a green and open city all around the world and the cruise passengers visiting the city provide jobs and tourism revenue to the value of SEK 500 million", says Stockholm’s City Commissioner of Finance Sten Nordin (M).

"We can already see that cruise passenger numbers are likely to increase next year, which demonstrates the power of attraction that Stockholm has internationally", adds Sten Nordin.

"International cruise passengers are an increasingly important source of revenue for Stockholm and commerce in the city. The investments in recent years in modern cruise terminals and the renovation work on the city quaysides make Stockholm even more attractive to the important turnaround voyagers, which is why it is especially pleasing to see continued growth in this passenger sector", says Ulla Hamilton (M) City Commissioner in charge of Traffic and the Labour Market and chair of the Stockholm Business Region.

"A turnaround means that passengers often stay at least one extra night at their destination, which benefits the entire visitor industry in Stockholm", says Ulla Hamilton.


The total number of cruise passengers who visited Stockholm and Nynäshamn was 450,000. The number of vessel calls was 263.

The greatest number of vessel calls was recorded in 2009. See the table below. This indicates a trend towards larger vessels that accommodate more passengers.


Vessel calls



2008 265 365,000 28
2009 293 447,000 39
2010 258 415,000 33
2011 263 450,000 41

Source: Ports of Stockholm preliminary figures.

Increasing the number of so called turnarounds (T/A) cruises that either begin or end in Stockholm   is one of the most important tasks of the Stockholm Cruise Network, where the principal stakeholders are the Stockholm Visitors Board and Ports of Stockholm.

Cruise passengers each spend an average of SEK 1200. This equates to cumulative annual revenue of around SEK 500 million for Stockholm and businesses associated with tourism.

The final cruise ship of the season will be the Marco Polo, which will arrive at Stadsgården (S167) on 7 October at 9.30 am.