EU chooses Ports of Stockholm

The EU Commission has proposed that Ports of Stockholm should become one of the specially designated ports in the European TEN network, otherwise known as a CORE port. This would mean that Ports of Stockholm would be one of only a few ports in Europe with an especially prioritised position as a European gateway for the flow of transport.

TEN (the Trans-European Transport Network) is a network within the transport, communications and energy sector. TEN-classification is intended to facilitate communications between the European fringe countries and the central EU nations. Ports of Stockholm has long been part of the TEN network but the EU Commission has now taken a further step in the realisation of the establishment of so called transport corridors. By proposing a number of designated CORE Ports, funding and efforts can be focused to build the infrastructure of the future.

"Each year more than 12 million passengers and 9 million metric tons of freight pass through Ports of Stockholm’s ports", says Johan Castwall, Managing Director of Ports of Stockholm.

"We function as a bridge to Finland, the Baltic countries and also to Russia, since March of this year. To be part of the TEN network and now be granted CORE status means that we can apply for funding and receive support from the EU to carry out the plans we have to meet the needs of the future for efficient and environmentally friendly transport", he goes on to explain.

The Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications has successfully participated in the work of the EU. Stockholm is one of five ports in Sweden and one of the eighty ports in Europe to now be proposed as a CORE port.

"When the EU Commission has decided to select a number of European ports as especially prioritised it is impressive that Sweden has succeeded in having as many as five ports designated", says Ports of Sweden's Mikael Castanius.

"In comparison to the other northern European countries we have been very successful. This is good for the ports and for Sweden", says Castanius.  

Designated CORE Ports in Sweden

  • Ports of Stockholm
  • Port of Göteborg (Gothenburg)
  • Port of Luleå
  • Port of Trelleborg
  • Malmö (via the port company Copenhagen Malmö Port)