LNG bunkering at Ports of Stockholm

Bunkringsfartyget Seagas vid utsidan av Viking Grace.

Ports of Stockholm is one of the first ports in the world to offer a bunkering infrastructure solution for the provision of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) to a large passenger ferry.

Today Viking Line’s ferry Viking Grace is LNG bunkering in Port of Stockholm. Viking Grace is unique as it is the world’s first large passenger ferry to run on LNG.

The bunkering of Viking Grace

LNG is transported from the AGA LNG terminal in Nynäshamn to Stadsgården in Stockholm, where Viking Grace arrives early in the mornings. Bunkering, which AGA and Viking Line are responsible for, is performed around six times each week using a purpose-built bunkering vessel that draws up alongside Viking Grace.

Ship-to-ship bunkering is used as a method because the ferry only stays at berth for one hour. Bunkering from tanker trucks can not be performed in such a short time.

Ports of Stockholm’s role, in addition to having been involved in the preparative work, is as the contact point for all who are involved in the bunkering process, as well as if an unforeseen situation should arise.