Business Policy & Business Management System

Ports of Stockholm is the number one Baltic Sea port – a welcoming and business-promoting partner with a focus on sustainability. Ports of Stockholm’s mission is to be an efficient link between water, rail and road networks for the transport of people and goods. Business activities are divided into port operations and property management.

Business Policy

Port operations

Ports of Stockholm ensures that goods provision to the Stockholm region functions efficiently in a sustainable way. This is characterised by high capacity and intermodality. We contribute to tourism in the Stockholm region growing and maintaining a high standard in a sustainable way. All visitors feel welcome and safe at our terminals and quays.


Ports of Stockholm is a professional landlord that develops and manages unique, waterfront, sustainable buildings. Our innovative solutions provide our customers with the preconditions to operate sustainably.

Quality assurance

Ports of Stockholm acts in a trustworthy manner by enabling ambitions, working procedures and management systems to assure sustainable operational activities within the areas of economics, social responsibility and the environment. We work for transparency, dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders – understanding of stakeholder needs is an important aspect of our daily activities.

Ports of Stockholm employees are solution-focussed, assured and put operations first. Both employees and management have important roles in the development of the company. We work continuously with skill development and recruitment and have clear division of responsibilities through job descriptions and a delegation policy that includes responsibility, power of authority and the appropriate competence for the task.

We strive for continuous improvement through systematic and collective planning and assessment of business operations. Challenges, deviations and risks are managed and corrective measures implemented continuously, and reported over established intervals. We comply with legislation and other requirements – which is our absolute minimum compliance level – and we meet the challenges of the future by continuously working to develop our business.

Work environment efforts

Work environment efforts have the purpose of achieving a work environment that promotes health, safety, job satisfaction and efficiency for everyone working within our port areas.

Our aim is to be a work environment role model, both as an employer and as a commissioner of services and contractors. No-one shall be injured or suffer ill-health at work or in our projects.

Health efforts focus on promoting, preventing and rehabilitating initiatives to increase the awareness of every employee to develop and maintain their physical, mental and social well-being.

Work environment efforts are the responsibility of all, and are a natural part of company planning and assessment of business activities.

Environmental initiatives

Environmental work is based on our overall environmental goals in planning, implementing and assessment:

  • use of all of our resources efficiently
  • become a fossil fuel-free business
  • continuously improve energy efficiency of properties
  • reduce environmental burden by active selection of materials
  • regard materials and waste as a resource
  • prevent pollution as a natural aspect of our work.

We encourage and support our customers and collaborative partners to reduce their impact on the environment.

Safety and security

Safety and security efforts are based on systematic safety work aimed at ensuring a safe and secure environment for employees and stakeholders, but also to protect the interests of our business activities without limiting operations.

This work is based on legislation, as well as our own values and ambitions, and focusses on areas such as crime prevention through collaboration with authorities, maritime safety and port safety, crisis management and information safety.

Business Management System

Ports of Stockholm has a business management system that describes the whole of the company in process format. The system is known as the Ports of Stockholm integrated management system, STHIL (Stockholms Hamnars Integrerade Ledningssystem). This system ensures, among other things, that Ports of Stockholm’s quality assurance and environmental work is carried out systematically and efficiently, and that management works to continuously improve and fully assess business development and results.

Ports of Stockholm is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.