Current and future work

Official construction start for the Port of Stockholm Norvik was September 16, 2016. By 2020 the new port will open.

At the site the port will be built there is a large area of clay that must be reinforced before the land can be used. The land is being reinforced by injecting a mixture of lime and cement into the clay. When this work is completed, in the spring of 2017, the ground will be overlaid with crushed rock and gravel so that the area will not subside when we build roads and buildings on it.

Blasting work

In August 2016 Ports of Stockholm began blasting to remove the rock in the future port esplanade area. Blasting work will also be carried out to build the railway to the port and intermittently over a two year period. Blasted out rock will be reused in the project.


From the middle of September until March 2017 bottom clay will be dredged away around the entire area.

All of the work to build the new port will be carried out according to the terms and guidelines that have been set for the project.

Norvik Logistics and Business Park

Adjacent to the port NCC will build a Logistics and Business Park where companies will be able to establish their various operations in a dynamic environment close to the port, roads and major city. This is a comprehensive project where the development of the area will happen successively over a period of at least 15 years.

Initially not much will happen in that area, as the majority of the work will be concentrated on building the new port.

Work that is ongoing is the land reinforcement of the plot of land close to route 73, which means that NCC is preparing and reinforcing the ground before building work can begin on it.

Read more about Norvik Logistics and Business Park (external link)

Access road

In the autumn NCC will begin the work of connecting water supply pipes and drainage pipes to the municipal grid. This work will be carried out adjacent Norvikvägen and will result in increased in traffic on that route.