Rebuilding the port

Vision image of the rebuilt port of Kapellskär

After more than 55 years as a ferry port the Port of Kapellskär needs to be modernised and made more efficient.

Kapellskär currently has four quay-berths that were built in the 1960s and 1980s. The vessels of today are larger, both in length and draught, so it is time to renovate the port.

Purposes of rebuilding

  • To modernise the port and improve efficiency
  • To make environmental and safety improvements
  • To meet current and future market demands for increased volumes and vessel sizes
  • To continue to function as a freight port and ease shipping congestion in Stockholm

See the film about the new, modernized port:

Also, watch the progress report from 2014 (external link)

The new port of Kapellskär

From a working environment perspective the port will be made safer, greener and better by increasing the land area. This will make it possible to optimise the flow of traffic and provide room for modern electricity and water utilities and waste sorting facilities.

The rebuilding of the port will comprise a new pier with two quay-berths at the south end of the port, a reconstructed ferry berth in the centre and the existing pier with two ferry berths at the north end of the port. When the rebuilding work is completed the port will have 5 modern ferry berths. There will be a new pilot harbour adjacent to the south end of the port.

In total the expansion is expected to take around 2.5 years, which means that the new port areas will come into operation during 2016.

Port of Kapellskär today

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