Record number of cruise passengers expected in Stockholm

Cruiseship at Stadsgården

The 2015 cruise season begins on Thursday 30 April with the arrival of the cruise liner the Costa Pacifica. During the season it is expected that 500 000 cruise passengers will visit Stockholm and will spend SEK 0.5 billion.

The season opens on 30 April when the Costa Pacifica calls at Stadsgården. It is anticipated that 254 cruise liners will call at Ports of Stockholm before the season closes on 21 October with the departure of the Marco Polo. New for this year is that the Disney Magic will call at Stockholm on three occasions and that the Viking Ocean Cruises shipping company will make its maiden voyage to Stockholm with the vessel the Viking Star.

The work of developing Stockholm as an international cruise destination is carried out within the framework of the Stockholm Cruise Network, which is run by the Stockholm Visitors Board, Ports of Stockholm and others.

“There will be more cruise passengers this year than ever before. It is estimated that these 500 000 visitors will contribute SEK 0.5 billion to tourist revenue in the Stockholm region,” says Johan Castwall, Ports of Stockholm's Managing Director.

One of the initiatives within the framework of the Stockholm Cruise Network is to encourage more vessels to begin and end their cruises in Stockholm, otherwise known as turnaround calls.

“This year the number of turnaround calls will increase from 42 last season to 51 this season. These passengers are especially important as they stay in the region for several days,” explains Stockholm Visitors Board CEO, Thomas Andersson.

One of the turnaround cruise liners, the Costa Luminosa, will make 16 Stockholm calls during the 2015 cruise season.

Cruise passengers, who primarily come from the USA, England, Germany and Italy, spend a total of around SEK 0.5 billion on hotel stays, restaurant visits, sightseeing and shopping. The number of vessels staying in port overnight at Ports of Stockholm has increased, which is positive as the passengers then spend more money in the Stockholm region.

Facts about international cruise traffic at Ports of Stockholm

  Year 2012 Year 2013 Year 2014 Year 2015 (expected  number)
Cruise vessels 275 278 264 254
Of which are turnarounds 50 47 42 51
Passengers 469 000 478 000 467 000 500 000


Environmental facts

  • Ports of Stockholm is one of the few ports in the world that has the facilities to accept black and grey water from vessels, or in other words the waste water from toilets, showers and galley kitchens. Waste water handling facilities are available at all of our quay-berths in Stockholm and offloading of waste water is included in the port fee (harbour dues). Last year around 70 percent of the vessels offloaded their waste water during their call at Ports of Stockholm. The cruise liners however do not always offload waste water to the shore. Many have their own water purification facilities aboard the vessel.
  • The port fee also includes the offloading of domestic waste, and those vessels that sort their waste at source are offered a reduced tariff.
  • The Sulphur Directive that came into force at the beginning of 2015 means that the vessel emission cannot contain more than 0.1 percent sulphur.

All of the anticipated cruise calls can be found in the vessel list on the Ports of Stockholm website or via the CruiseSthlm app for Iphone and Android smartphones that can be downloaded free of charge from Appstore or Google Play.

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Stockholm Cruise Network is a partner-based collaborative project that includes the Stockholm Visitors Board, Ports of Stockholm, Swedavia and some 30 other partners, comprising tour operators, port agents, hotels, attractions and transport representatives. The aim of the network is to work jointly to promote and develop Stockholm as a cruise destination.