Ports of Stockholm is working to make the Baltic Sea environment better

Rör vid kajen som tar emot avloppsvatten.

Ports of Stockholm is one of the world's leading ports at caring for the environment. There are capabilities to manage practically all waste. Seven out of ten cruise ships offload their waste water in port, while many others purify this themselves aboard the vessel.

Ports of Stockholm is one of the world's leading ports when it comes to being able to process and recycle the waste that is produced aboard vessels. At no extra charge vessels have the opportunity to offload their waste water at all of our cruise ship quay-berths, as this service is included in the port fee. Vessels can also offload their waste water to tanker trucks, pontoons and boats in Stockholm.

Last year around 70 percent of cruise vessels offloaded their waste water during their call at Ports of Stockholm. The cruise shipping companies are well aware that the environment is a survival factor for the future and are continuously striving for improvement. Many of the vessels that do not offload their waste water in port instead have their own purification facilities aboard the vessel. The remaining few do not do anything they are legally not allowed to do.

Purification facilities aboard the vessel, recycling, sorting of waste, more energy efficient, environmentally cleaner engines and alternative fuels are just some of the measures implemented by the new vessels calling into Stockholm. But even the older vessels are being refitted and adapted for the requirements of today.

The offloading of waste water is included in the port fee, which means that the amount paid is the same regardless of whether, what and how much waste is offloaded. Vessels that offload sorted waste receive a port fee discount. For many years now almost 100 percent of all vessels have sorted their waste at source.

The amount of sulphur in vessel emissions has now also been reduced to 0.1 percent since the Sulphur Directive came into force at the beginning of the year.

New environmental discounts apply from 2015 onwards

At the beginning of 2015 Ports of Stockholm introduced new environmentally differentiated fees to encourage shipping companies to implement environmental initiatives over and above the legal requirements. In brief the environmental discounts are the following:

  • A grant of SEK 1 million is offered to every vessel that carries out restructuring work to enable the vessel to connect to electricity at the quayside. This applies for the quays where Ports of Stockholm offers quayside electricity connection capabilities.
  • The port fee for LNG vessels is discounted by 5 öre per unit of gross tonnage. For a vessel of the size of Viking Grace, calling at Stockholm daily, this amounts to a rebate of around SEK 1 million annually. For a vessel calling at the port every second day the rebate is around SEK 500,000 per year.
  • The discount for reduced emission of nitrous oxide follows the seven-level scale applied by the Swedish Maritime Administration. For a normal-sized vessel operating daily calls this equates to a rebate of between SEK 3 million to SEK 4 million annually, depending on the amount of nitrous oxide emissions.  

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