Work to rebuild the Port of Kapellskär has begun

At the beginning of October 2013, construction work to begin rebuilding the Port of Kapellskär finally began. The dredger Attilla is now on site and blasting work has also started. All of the rebuilding work will be completed within three years.

“We are extremely glad to be able to start this long-awaited project at last. Dredging and blasting work began in October,” says Tobias Kednert, Project Manager for the Port of Kapellskär development project.

By January 2014 a total of 100 000 m3 of clean (uncontaminated) material will have been dredged and tipped into a deep-water area in the archipelago, around 25 km south-east of the port. Around 80 000 m3 of rock will be blasted and will be reused to construct new breakwaters or as fill material at the port. In total more than 100 people from the dredging company Boskalis Sweden will work around the clock in shifts to carry out the blasting and dredging work. In the first 24 hours after work began around 2000 m3 of clean material had been dredged.

“In the spring we will continue with the construction of an entirely new pier and a revamped quay surface area. The whole port area will be larger and more efficient. One challenge throughout the entire project will be that traffic shall run according to the usual timetables and operations shall function as normal,” says Tobias Kednert.

The 50-year old Port of Kapellskär is in great need of being made more modern and efficient. The purpose of rebuilding the port is to meet the future growth in volumes and vessel sizes. As the shortest route to Finland, the Port of Kapellskär will have an even more significant role in the provision of goods to the region when the new sulphur emission regulations come into effect in 2015.

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